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Public Mosquito Abatement: A Cluster Randomized Experiment

De Josselin Thuilliez , Yves Dumont



Public Mosquito Abatement: A Cluster Randomized Experiment.

World Bank Economic Review, Oxford University Press (OUP), 2017.

Résumé/Abstract :

Mosquito abatement is a public good. A simultaneous model of mosquito abundance and abatement response is developed.

We then use data from a cluster randomized controlled experiment conducted over the period 2012–2014 in urban areas of Re´union in France to study the impact of WHO-recommended mechanical elimination techniques, which involve removing sources of stagnant water around the house, on a number of outcomes, including objective entomological indices and self-declared protective behaviors.

Empirical results document that households reduce their protective behavior in response to public control. This study holds implications for arboviral disease control, including Zika control.

Les codes JEL :

O12, I15, I25.

O12 - Microeconomic Analyses of Economic Development

I15 - Health and Economic Development

I25 - Education and Economic Development

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